Signing up with cLancers is quick and easy and is done in just 2 steps.

  • Provide profile information
  • Sign agreement

To sign up, click on ‘Sign Up’ on the top right corner of cLancers home page.


In the ‘Sign Up’ page, there are 3 different ways to fill up your profile information.


1. Sign up with LinkedIn – You can use your LinkedIn account to sign up in cLancers. Click on LinkedIn icon. You will be taken to the LinkedIn sign in page to allow access for cLancers. Once you login, cLancers will receive your profile information from LinkedIn account.


2. Sign up with Facebook – You can use your Facebook account to sign up with cLancers. Click on Facebook icon and you will be taken to Facebook login page.  Once you login, a confirmation page is displayed as shown below. Click ‘Continue’ to sign up in cLancers. 


3. Sign up manually – Provide your name, email id, freelancer role that you like to sign up as, country, a password and click Sign up.


Next, you will be prompted to complete your profile information. 



The last step is to sign agreement. Hit ‘Save’ when done.


You have successfully signed up with cLancers. You are all set to browse projects and start bidding.